We refine gold and silver using improvised techniques keeping in mind pollution reduction and the safety of our environment. Hence, ensuring efficient production of materials for our customers who are our top priority.


The examination and analysis of the quality of the metal to determine its fineness is the process followed under assaying. Our technology of assaying includes spectrometry and standard fire assaying.


It plays a crucial role in our complete manufacturing process as it is the melting of fine metal into bars or to produce other materials like grains.


Our production of gold and silver bullion matches International standards because of which we are considered to be one of the important members in its production. Every bar that is produced goes through a thorough inspection for quality and weight before they are dispatched.


Our Minting department is equipped with the latest developed machinery and uses cutting-edge technology to produce coins, medals, or other customized products. We are equipped with a wide range of decorative designs that can be customized to best suit our customer’s demands. Our minting department makes sure that we run hand in hand with the latest technology and designs in the market due to the diversity in the type of Rafmoh’ s customers.